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Looking for Their Forever Home

We have become aware of a situation in which a kind-hearted soul in West Virginia has been rescuing dogs but has become overwhelmed with the financial and time commitment. As you can see from the photos, the dogs are very attractive. AWL would like to ask for your help in any of the following ways: we need foster parents, we need to get these dogs adopted, and, food donations would be helpful until we can alleviate this situation. If you are interested and able to help, please contact our dog foster coordinator, Dianna Conrad, dianna@awlfc.org or by calling the AWL line at 301-663-5855 and Dianna can phone you back. You can also make a donation specifically for these dogs through PayPal below or by mail to: AWLFC, PO Box 690, Frederick, MD 21705-0690




Apache is a pit bull/lab mix, about 7 years old, 60 pounds. Apache is a very loving and sweet boy. He loves to be petted and just keeps coming back for more. While Apache doesn't regularly interact with other dogs, he seems to do okay with those that he does encounter. We're unsure how he would be with cats though. He does fine with older children (>6).

We're looking for a foster home or adoptive home for Apache. He will need someone to teach him the basics - house manners, walking on a leash, etc. He'll also need an active home - he loves to play and has a lot of energy. Apache also needs a yard with a 6 foot fence - as this smart boy has figured out how to scamper over a 4 foot fence. No doubt, Apache will be a fantastic companion with a little love and guidance.


Buck is a pit bull, about 4 years old, about 40 - 50 pounds, but needs to gain some weight. Buck is one of the most people loving dogs we have ever seen. He leans into you when you pet him and will give you hugs when he jumps up on you. And when he looks at you, his eyes just beg for love and affection. He is a fantastic dog. Buck loves to play - he loves to play ball and swim and runs around his kennel with his food bowl in his mouth showing it off. We're unsure how Buck does with other dogs and cats. But we do know he is okay with kids.  We're looking for a foster home or adoptive home for Buck. This love bug would do best in an active home where he can get some exercise and play. He will also need a home w/ a 6 foot fence and he can jump a 4 foot fence. He needs a patient human to teach him the basics - house manners, walking on a leash, etc. In return, Buck will reward you with more love then you can imagine. He is a really terrific dog.