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We Need Your Help.


This is Cole. 

Cole and his siblings were born March 26 in one of our foster homes. As happens sometimes, and is always heartbreaking, two of his siblings didn’t thrive and sadly passed away within 2 weeks of their birth. Cole was the smallest kitten left and while his two remaining siblings thrived, he struggled, and was syringe fed for many weeks.  

At 8 weeks old, he began to suffer from unexplained issues with digestion. His growth slowed because eating was uncomfortable, and he fell behind in his development. 

During his struggle (and at times obvious pain and discomfort), Cole became a very observant, quiet, tolerant kitten. He's smart, gentle and loving, preferring a comforting, safe lap to almost anywhere. 


After several consultations with our amazing vet team and a specialist, it’s been determined that Cole needs a very expensive procedure (cost is $4800) to hopefully make him the thriving happy kitten he so deserves to be.  To date, in order to get to this diagnosis, we have spent over $2,000 in emergency care and vet fees. 

As a rescue, we have approximately 140 kittens in foster care at the moment. While the expense of this procedure would always be staggering for us, the sheer volume of kittens we have rescued this crazy kitten season makes this amount feel even more insurmountable.  

Please help with any donation you can and please share this post. 

Kittens like Cole don’t ask to be born and they certainly don’t ask to be born sick.  We are thankful he was born in a home and not in the wild where he had no chance of survival. But it takes a big village and a lot of huge hearts to continue our mission of saving kittens like Cole.

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