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Our philosophy regarding cat adoptions is based on the simple goal of placing a cat in its forever home. To this end, we strive to match the right cat with the right individual or family. Our adoption process includes a visit with the potential adopter, the cat, and its foster parent; completion of an adoption application; an adoption interview; completion of an adoption contract; and, payment of the adoption fee.

We do not do same day adoptions.


Because our foster parents invest a lot of time, energy, personal funds, and love in preparing an animal for adoption, we rely on the foster parent to advise potential adopters about the cat’s temperament, eating/sleeping/play habits, and likes/dislikes. The final decision regarding the adoption rests with the foster coodinator, in cooperation with the foster parent.

Working cats – Keep your warehouse, factory, barn or other enclosed area rodent free naturally by adopting a healthy, unbonded cat (or two). Consultation is required. Contact us at

  • Check out our cats for adoption via Petfinder, on facebook or by visiting our adoption center. Return completed application form to the foster parent.

  • Plan to spend a few hours getting to know the cat and bring the entire family who will be living with the cat. We do not do same day adoptions.

  • We require vet references and in some cases a home visit – either in person or virtual.

  • During the adoption we spend time talking with adopters to educate them on important information about nutrition, scratching, litter box behaviors, etc. Even experienced cat owners can learn new information.

  • Our adoption fee is $150. This fee includes: spay or neuter of the cat, all core vaccines (FVRCP and rabies), deworming, feline leukemia/FIV testing, and microchipping.

  • Last, but by no means least important, we have three non-negotiables when it comes to adopting our cats:

    • We do not allow declawing. This is an inhumane surgery which mutilates a cat by amputating its first digit. This procedure can cause behavior issues, including inappropriate wetting and insecurity. It has been outlawed by most European countries and is opposed by the ASPCS and HSUS. If you must have a declawed cat, we encourage you to visit Frederick County Animal Control as they sometimes have declawed cats. Visit our Resources page to learn more.

    • We require that you keep your cat indoors. We know cats love the outdoors but it doesn’t love them. In fact, the top cat killers are cars and attacks by dogs, other cats, and wildlife. Protect your cat by keeping it indoors.

    • We require that you feed your cat/kitten a raw or holistic canned food diet. No dry food/kibble.


Check out our cats for adoption via Petfinder, on facebook or by visiting our adoption center. When you are ready to apply:

  • Fill out the Cat Adoption Form

  • Email or call the foster parent listed on

  • Once you submit your application, contact your vet and give them permission to answer any questions from an AWL representative in regards to pets medical history.

  • If you rent, please be sure to provide landlord contact information.

  • If you have a dog, we may require a meeting with the dog.

Animal Welfare League of Frederick County


AWLFC reserves the right to decline or not accept any application, based on the information we receive or are given during the approval process, and up to signing the adoption contract, with no explanation to the applicant. Information received during the approval process is considered confidential. The right to decline an adoption is at the sole discretion of AWLFC and/or AWLFC’s representatives.

AWLFC is here to serve the best interests of our cats and dogs and our approval process is set up to do just that. If your application is denied you may appeal to the Board of Directors of AWLFC. The Board will review your application but reserves the right to uphold the declination without providing specific detail.


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