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Welcome to the Animal Welfare League of Frederick County's

Dog Adoption Program! 


Our dedication to dog adoptions revolves around the simple yet profound goal of placing each dog in its forever home. At AWLFC, we are committed to fostering the perfect match between our dogs and their future families. Our meticulous adoption process is designed to ensure a harmonious and lifelong companionship. 


Animal Welfare League of Frederick County
  • View available dogs on Petfinder and Facebook 

  • Application Submission: Submit the completed application to or the foster parent listed on the Petfinder listing 

  • Meet and Greet: Spend quality time getting to know the dog; involve the whole family. 

  • References and Home Visit: Vet references and a home visit are required. 

  • Adoption Fee: The adoption fee, $250, covers essential services such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and microchipping. 

  • Dog Adoption Application - If you're looking for a furry friend to make a permanent part of your family, we have a variety of loving dogs waiting for their forever homes. 

  • Please send completed applications to  



AWLFC reserves the right to decline applications without explanation. 

The approval process is confidential, and appeals can be directed to the Board of Directors. 


At AWLFC, our primary focus is the well-being of our dogs. The adoption process is meticulously crafted to ensure they find the perfect, loving homes. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in providing a happy future for our canine companions. 

Adoption Approach:  

Our dog adoption process involves several critical steps: 


Initial Meeting: Prospective adopters, the dog, and its foster parent come together to assess compatibility. 


Application Submission: Start the process by completing our adoption application. 

Interview and Home Visit: An adoption interview and home visit allow us to understand your expectations and ensure the best fit. 


Contract Signing: Finalize the adoption by completing the adoption contract. 

Adoption Fee: Covering essential services and care, the $250 adoption fee supports the well-being of our dogs. 


We deeply value the efforts of our foster parents, who invest time, energy, and love into preparing dogs for adoption. Their insights into the dog's temperament, habits, and preferences play a crucial role in the final adoption decision, overseen by the foster coordinator. 

Image by Eric Ward


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